AUTOLAND SCIENTECH USA, INC., also known as Autoland, is vigorously advancing in the Americas marketplace.  After twenty years of hard work and commitment to excellence, Autoland has evolved into one of the America’s leading retailers and distributor of automotive aftermarket diagnostic tools. 


In 1999 Autoland Scientech CO., LTD. introduced the versatile OB91 – an innovative full-featured automotive aftermarket scanner that provided technicians with dealer-level diagnostics on fine European and Asian makes though Baum Tools Inc.  The OB91 was privileged to be selected as Motor Magazine's Top 20 Tools in that year.  In 2002 Autoland took over Baum Tools Inc. legacy and introduced the versatile and state of the art diagnostic tool VeDiS.  Today, Autoland continues to lead in the industry with their new products.


Autoland’s reputation has brought together a sales force composed of selective and top-quality automotive distributors across the Americas. As a result, our diagnostic equipment can be found across the Americas, and our products are rapidly permeating new markets to bring technicians and mechanics the latest in automotive diagnostics at a highly competitive price.


Over time, our product line has evolved to offer premium diagnostic scanners that are custom-tailored to the needs of both sophisticated automotive technicians and general auto shop mechanics. On the professional dealer-level, Autoland has distributed and sold the tool-of-choice for leading import repair shops in the Americas.


We at Autoland would like to express our gratitude to all those who have uniquely contributed to give Autoland’s products the prestige and quality for which it is renowned.  The manufacture’s standard for excellence, as they are known to be ISO certify, enables Autoland to meet and exceed the stringent requirements of industry specialists and end-users. With a keen commitment to strategic foresight and excellence as our primary objective, Autoland will continue to distribute innovative diagnostic equipment of the highest quality as they seek to develop their relationship with the manufacturer, Autoland Scientech CO., LTD.


Career Opportunites: As our company continues to grow, we at Autoland Scientech USA welcome all professional personnel who are specific to automotive diagnostic with sales and technical knowledge within the industry to be part of our team. If you have been in the tech support, sales, marketing of described industry, and are interested in joining our team, please send your resume to rebecca.autoland@gmail.com. We will notify you when the job opportunities open up. Thank you.